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Speaking Topics

  • Finding your purpose​

  • Perseverance

  • Wellness from within

  • Creating personal greatness

Companies, organizations, and schools across the globe bring in Pamela Denise because they realize that her message of “Wellness from Within” helps to drive their bottom line. They understand that when your employees and your team feel better, your bottom line goes up. 


Do you want your bottom line to increase? 

Do you want to increase revenue? 

Do you want to boost the spirit within your organization? 

Do you want to equip your team to overcome burnout? 

Do you want them to get their passion back? 


If your answer is YES, 

Pamela Denise is your number one choice. 


for the


Start with Water 

365 Daily Gratitude and Clarity Journey, is designed to encourage stillness and gratitude first thing, every morning. 

The system consists of: 

    •    32 oz water bottle

Our bodies are 75% water, and beginning your day this way encourages movement, fluidity and hydration at the beginning of your day. 

    •    52 cm round buckwheat filled, meditation pillow (Seek ye first...  Matthew 6::3)

Buckwheat hull grounds you, regulates body temperature, and encourages physical alignment.  

    •    5 minute hour glass ( God can do in 5 minutes what we can’t in a lifetime)

Because we need to be reminded of this simple fact. 

    •    365 Daily Gratitude and Clarity Journal 

Each day has a scripture at the top of the page to remind you of God’s promises. And also space to write down 3-5 things that you are grateful for. 

It’s spiritual, soul work. 


This Journey consists of a 5-minute daily routine that, if you show up for yourself, will begin to bring the clarity you’ve been looking for. 

Let the journey begin.

Mind. Body. Spirit.


Pamela has been an inspirational entrepreneur for over 25 years. She self-published five star rated self-help books.

Must watch!


Hi, I'm Pamela

I work with companies and organizations by sharing my powerful message of creating Wellness from within, equipping teams to overcome obstacles, stand in the face of adversity, and understanding their true value despite life’s uncertainties. 


My message of faith, hope and perseverance has allowed me to make a global impact. Organization's Leaders and Business Owners invite me because of my infectious energy, authentic faith, and simplistic tools that move the needle immediately. 

At your service,



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