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About Pamela

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, the middle child of Wardell and Anna Frazier, Pamela is a city girl with a southern spirit. 


Early on she knew that talking would either be a blessing or a curse, because it is what she did, and as her mother would say, “all the time. ”

After the birth of her son Joshua, Pamela became an avid reader, realizing that the responsibility to train him up in the way that he should go, would be hers. 

At 51, after being self employed since the age of twenty, and having attempted marriage twice, now knowing that we were all created specifically and intentionally for a purpose, Pamela decided that close was no longer good enough, she wanted exactly what God wanted for her, nothing less. 


Thus beginning the journey you now see and hopefully experience. 


Question? Are you close to your purpose or are you living in it? 


If you are not clearly living in your purpose, give God 5 minutes every day, He’d love to help with that. 

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"My purpose is to help you find yours."

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Spirit + Mind + Body =Whole

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