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Pamela Denise redefines what being a whole person looks like, in a world that appears to be saturated with falsehood and propaganda.

Pamela’s inspiring message of overcoming obstacles, total wellness, and cultivating personal greatness is supported globally; capable of defying cultural, gender, and social-economic boundaries. Her ability to convey a message, in a calming and self-assuring tone, establishes such an authentic engagement, that Pamela will make you want to claim her as your favorite “Auntie.” Whether you have watched her live in-person, listened to her messages, or read any of her books, you will identify underlying themes of inspiration, endurance, and triumph.

She values the significance of making progress,rather than striving towards a skewed view of perfection.


Before beginning both her wellness and personal development journeys, or being affectionately referred to as “Auntie,” there was a little girl born and raised, in the 1970’s, on the Southside of Chicago. It was during this time in the city’s history that an alarming spike of homicides started a 20+ year murder epidemic. Despite the treacherous conditions outside Pamela, her brother“Kool-Aid,” and sister Robin never experienced lack. Her parents, Wardell & Anna Frazier, did not own much, but filled their home with love and encouragement. Even as an adult, Pamela still reflects and questions how her parents did it. Her mother placed greatness within all her children, which made Pamela believe that she could do anything she put her mind to. This is the same greatness instilled, from the very city, that produced sports icon Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Robin Williams, and First Lady Michelle Obama. Pamela Denise uses her personal life experiences, and the essential qualities gained from her journey, to effect change in those she encounters

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