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Start with Water 

365 Daily Gratitude and Clarity Journey, is designed to encourage stillness and gratitude first thing, every morning for just 5 minutes. 

The system consists of: 

    •    32 oz water bottle

Our bodies are 75% water, and beginning your day this way encourages movement, fluidity and hydration at the beginning of your day. 

    •    52 cm round buckwheat filled, meditation pillow (Seek ye first...  Matthew 6:33)

Buckwheat hull grounds you, regulates body temperature, and encourages physical alignment.  

    •    5 minute hour glass ( God can do in 5 minutes what we can’t in a lifetime)

Because we need to be reminded of this simple fact. 

    •    365 Daily Gratitude and Clarity Journal 

Each day has a scripture at the top of the page to remind you of God’s promises. And also space to write down 3-5 things that you are grateful for. 

It’s spiritual, soul work. 


This Journey consists of a 5-minute daily routine that, if you show up for yourself, will begin to bring the clarity you’ve been looking for. 

Let the journey begin.

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